Sharon Dhillon

So very grateful for Pritpal’s coaching in helping me achieve a career change. Her corporate experience combined with her coaching approach made her the right coach for me as she understood by challenges and was able to provide some great advice, especially around my CV and approach in interviews.

Would highly recommend her to anyone.

Rita Clark

I’m very happy with the quality of service I received for the hybrid career and life coaching I requested. Pritpal has been very understanding and thought-provoking throughout this experience and I have enjoyed and developed in our sessions together.

Sonia Patel

I needed help with my confidence following a tough few years with work and relationships. I was at a point where I decided enough was enough and I wanted to act. I reached out to Pritpal who was very enlightening from our first discovery call. She actually encouraged me to talk to some other coaches before making a decision as she said it was important to find the right fit for me personally – she was actually the only coach who said this which was refreshing as the others were really hard selling to me.

When it’s come to the coaching it was actually so enlightening. We worked on my behaviours and thoughts I have in situations I am facing. I have a tendency to over-react thinking everything that happens is the worst situation in the world and a disaster! As I learned, it rarely ever is and through some of the techniques we covered I’ve started to take a step back which has helped me think logically about things.

I still have a long way to go in my life but I definitely feel like I am on the right path and heading in the direction I need to be. I have a one more session with Pritpal to go but am really grateful for the difference she has made! I would really recommend her as a life coach if you’re in a similar situation to what I was in.

Laura Graham

I just finished my career coaching with Pritpal and can’t begin to tell you how transformational the sessions were for me. Pritpal helped me in my quest for a new role and was empathetic and professional in how she worked with me. I do suffer from anxiety so this was a very big step for me to take in seeking a coach, but she was so warm and friendly that it really gave me the confidence when analysing my strengths. She set me challenging and achievable goals and really held me accountable – by the end of it I found that I had picked up the momentum and our frequency of sessions was quicker because of this – I was achieving results we had set for me much sooner too.

I would highly recommend Pritpal for her coaching service to anyone!!

Gita Patel

I reached out to Pritpal to understand how I could grow my confidence in my ability to grow my career and side business, whilst also understanding how I could navigate some challenging relationships in my life.

Through the coaching not only did I realise a lot about myself and what was holding me back from pursuing my goals I was also able to improve and develop my personal relationships. Since then I’ve been confident to achieve my goals and actively push myself out of my comfort zone.

Jas Kaur

Thank you Pritpal! I had various sessions with Pritpal to find my first major role, during these sessions we covered new applications and also a complete re-write of my CV. Thank you for helping with these and also the practice prep sessions for roles I had secured interviews for. The sessions really help!

Alison, H

Very grateful for the support and coaching received! Not only did it help me develop an understand myself and the change I was seeking but there was also a lot of empathy and consideration provided.

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