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Do you have goals and ambitions but don’t know where to begin? Is fear, worry and self doubt impacting your life? Have you gone through big life changes and want to understand the best way to adapt to these? Or are you feeling stuck, confused and unfulfilled in your life goals? Well, this is where a Life Coach can help.

Whether it’s a situation, relationships or circumstances that are not satisfying you or you’re feeling you’re not creating the impact you want, a Life Coach can be powerful in introducing positive changes in your life, supporting you to be the best version of you.

As a Life Coach for women I can support you. Through a Life Coach programme I can help you to understand your true self, values, and potential. Most importantly I can help you with breakthroughs in making progress. You can start to make positive changes and move away from that state of not knowing what to do or where to start; develop that performance and confidence you’re looking for; gain clarity on your goals and path to get you moving forward in your life; increase your self awareness, self-image and confidence so that you can lead a life that is more satisfying, happier and impactful.

The great thing about seeking help with a Life Coach is that it explores the most effective ways for you to move forward in your personal goals, avoiding the risk of making the same mistakes over and over again. By understanding what you want we can look at strategies to support you in leading the life you want.

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A Life Coach could help you to

  • Clarify your life goals, values and purpose
  • Overcome low confidence and negative self-views
  • Gain clarity on your life direction
  • Overcome self doubt, fear and worries
  • Improve your self-awareness and mindset
  • Clarify big decisions
  • Adjust to life after a big life change i.e. becoming a parent
  • Simplify life to be more productive with less stress
  • Improve the balance in your life
  • Improve your performance and productivity
  • Explore your options if you are a return to work mum

Life Coach options

Goal Setting Power Session

3 hour coaching power session to hone in on what’s important to you. We work together to clarify you goals and get a clear plan in place for how you can go forward and achieve them.

The Life Coach Programme

7 sessions over a 6 month period including:

  • Initial life coaching assessment
  • Goal setting and planning session
  • Clear action plans during each session
  • Proven effective exercises
  • Confidence and motivation development
  • Work/life balance assessment
  • Annual progress review
  • Newsletter and life coaching insights
  • Member of the Inher Potential community

Why having a Life Coach works

A Life Coach can be an effective way to create the changes you are looking for in your life. Having worked with various clients who have gone through big life changes such as relocating, becoming new mums or those looking to work towards significant life goals, I have supported countless clients make the shift they are seeking.

Through some great exercises and Life Coach techniques, I will work with you to gain clarity on your goals, strategy and vision, supporting you to carefully consider the most effective steps you need to take, along with holding you accountable to ensure there is continuous progress. Not only this, during the Life Coach programme we will work through any roadblocks and challenges you are faced with and how you can best manage these and your plans to maximise your success. Finally as a Life Coach for women, I ensure you are not only progressing towards your goals but also becoming a confident, empowered and determined woman, in charge of your life.

Through taking the opportunity to invest in your life with a Life Coach, you can create the actions needed for the change you want. If you would like support with Career Coaching, please visit my dedicated page.

A few of my Life Coach client success stories

“Recently I had the pleasure of getting to know Pritpal as my life-coach. I am thankful for the support and guidance she has given me over the past few months, it has helped me see things in a different light. I had heard about life-coaching but never personally had to opportunity to give it a go until now.. and I am glad I did with Pritpal. The sessions have been fantastic, she is really passionate about what she does which shows in the way she communicates with her clients.

Pritpal’s style of coaching is easy to understand as she educates and guides you through a step by step process of overcoming every day struggles – be it career, family or work life. After my sessions I would feel a sense of courage, self-awareness and satisfaction. She has also helped with my personal growth. Pritpal encourages you to see the positives, and through a different perspective. I have seen myself grow through the sessions and become a better version of myself.

Thank you for all the support you have given to me. I would highly recommend Pritpal and her services.”

Bansari, R

“I had Pritpal as my life coach and whilst working with her I was able to come to terms with a challenging time in my life. Having gone through grief Pritpal was able to support me build up my self-esteem again. Not only this she helped me to see a different perspective and side to situations that would normally have otherwise greatly impacted me.

By working with Pritpal not only did I get the support to bring myself out of the dark hole I had found myself in but I was also able to develop myself, exploring things I would not have previously considered. Throughout the whole coaching process Pritpal actively listened to me and displayed patience and understanding. As a result of the coaching and the empathetic approach taken i’m calmer, clearer and more proactive in my life.”

Sarah, M

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