Group Coaching Programs

Make The Breakthroughs You’re Looking For Through Group Coaching

Group coaching is fantastic way to development yourself whilst being surrounded by other liked minded individuals. Through group coaching not only can you learn a lot about yourself through the guidance and support of a coach but you can also learn from the lived experiences of others in your group. Through the group coaching you can gain the personal skills, development and actions to achieve your goals along with being part of a group that is there for you during the coaching & beyond.

  • Guidance

  • Support

  • Accountability

Mindset and Confidence Group Coaching (7 Week Programme)

Gain confidence in your personal abilities and develop life changing habits that will support you with your development, showing your potential and developing a strong mindset. Have the support of liked minded community who can not only support you during the programme but also beyond.

Career Transition Group Coaching Programme (7 Week Programme)

Understand what is the right career for you and take the actions and steps to making those all important career changes and transitions. Gain the insights and resources for a successful role transition, all whilst being surrounded by a supportive group working towards the same change as you.

Benefits of Group Coaching

Affordable- Cost effective yet comprehensive programmes to give you the support you want to achieve your personal and professional goals. With the option of payment plans to support you further.

Insights & sharing- Learn about techniques to support you with your success along with also gaining insights from others’ lived experience.

Greater accountability & momentum- By being part of a collective group not only is there a greater understanding of what you’re going through, there’s also greater accountability, drive and momentum to creating changes and moving forward with a focus on the same goals.

Empowered supportive community- Be part of an enriching- supportive environment, where you don’t have to be alone. By being part of a strong community where you feel supported and encouraged by others can make a big difference to your confidence and wellbeing too.

Networking- By being connected to others you can benefit from growing your contacts and enhancing your network to support you both now and in the future. This could be a network for life, being there for you beyond the programmes.

Work and progress with others who have the same shared goals as you