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Hello, I’m Pritpal. I am a qualified life and career coach with a passion to empower women to release their inner potential and make their life or career goals a reality. As a person I love to see others grow and transform, in turn becoming the best versions of themselves. Being a true advocate of equal rights, I have a particular interest in changing beliefs that have held women back.

Due to my strong desire to encourage others to reach their goals, I have always been that natural go-to ‘coach’ and mentor in my professional and personal life from an early age. In my career I have been fortunate enough to have worked for various high profile reputable global organisations, which has given me a wealth and diversity of experience.

Whilst possessing various personal and professional successes things have not always been that easy. In my life I have gone through my own personal journey of self-discovery, transformation and growth. Coming from a traditional working-class family, I grew up with various limiting beliefs about myself. During my early adult life there were occasions where I felt dissatisfied, experienced stressful sudden changes and challenges which left me burnt out and distressed. However, by having the belief that we always have the control to change our circumstances and removing my limiting beliefs I was able to transform my life. I now lead a fulfilling life, that works to my values and passion. So, if you feel upset or uncertain on which direction your life is heading, I have been in your shoes and know how that feels.

As a coach my approach is empathetic, goal focused and action-orientated, helping you to gain clarity, perspective and take action to create meaningful change. Encouragement and support is provided throughout, with the coaching tailored with the tools to position you to advance in your personal and professional pursuits.

Make your life a masterpiece, imagine no limitations on what you can be, have or do.

My Credibility

As a coach I am committed to using proven coaching strategies that will help you to move forward. In addition to this, I possess a range of reputable qualifications and experience to effectively support you in your journey

  1. Qualified life & career coach with a successful client record
  2. Working knowledge of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Positive Psychology and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  3. MBA from one of the world’s leading business schools and qualified by the Chartered Institute of Marketing
  4. Experience of start-ups, leadership, setting up businesses and progressing in large global corporations
  5. Mentor for Nike’s x Sported’s Future Leaders in Sports Initiative

I’ve worked with women globally, empowering them to positively move forward in their lives & careers

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