Searching for a Job During a Global Pandemic

2020 has been a year that has been collectively challenging for most across the globe. Since the emergence of coronavirus, a lot of what was taken for granted has been turned on its head. The economic impact of COVID-19 has been felt across the world and how organisations operate has changed too. With every passing week companies are now bouncing back from a period of furloughing their staff and putting their businesses on hold. Whilst it may feel like there are no new jobs, hiring is starting to emerge once again and there are new job opportunities out there.

This is positive news if you are looking for a new role or if you lost your job during lockdown. Although hiring will be slower than how it was before COVID-19, there are various things you can do to improve your chances of securing a new role if you are applying right now. Having the right approach can not only ensure you use your time, energy and efforts appropriately but it will also minimise the chances of rejections which can be disheartening.

Focus on companies that are actively hiring- This requires research on your end and having that understanding of which industries and sectors are performing, along those that have been hard hit like retail and travel- as these are the ones you want to avoid looking at right now. LinkedIn has also started advertising the companies that are currently hiring on their website and you can see a list of these here; , but remember this isn’t an exhaustive list and there are plenty more out there!

Maximise your online brand and networking- With everything now being done online your online presence and branding on social media, especially LinkedIn, has become more important than ever. Without the ability to meet others in person, networking online is important and vital to making a great first impression. Not only is it worth reaching out to new connections, but also consider reaching out to present and former colleagues, employers and general contacts from your industry, as these people may have sight of opportunities you may not otherwise see.  When networking it’s also important keep track of who you’re networking with as it helps you keep track of those who are responsive or may need a follow up.

Understand yourself better- Identify the skills you possess that can be used in various roles and industries which may be transferable and valuable now. Furthermore, whilst you have this time, it’s also the perfect opportunity to look at your own personal development and the new skills you can learn or strengthen. Not only is this a great use of your free time but it will also help to improve your chances to getting hired as it shows proactiveness to the situation along with demonstrating skills that will be of use to employers.

Thinking differently- We’re in an unusual time and things aren’t ‘normal’ which makes looking at adjustments and adaptions something to consider. When looking at your next role think more broadly than you would have otherwise gone for. Thinking broadly doesn’t mean going for job that will make you unhappy or is a poor fit for you but it’s about going in with the approach ‘this will be right for now’ rather than my ‘dream job’. If your concern is that it will hurt your CV or career, remember that no reputable employer will frown upon you taking a role in a different sector or function during a time when a global pandemic has quite literally changed everything – if they do, then a valid question to ask is if the employer (or manager) is right for you.

Make tailoring and follow-ups part of your approach- Whatever you do make sure when you’re applying to jobs you tailor your application to the roles you are applying to. Using Easy application functions (like LinkedIn’s “Easy Apply”) and generic CVs and cover letters to all your applications will not cut it. Remember its quality not quantity that will matter. If you’ve not heard anything from your application, get in touch to find out more about the status of application or if they require further information from you.

If you are looking for a new role or have been impacted by COVID-19, then my career coaching may support you in finding out more on the do’s and don’ts of effective job hunting and interviewing, along with identifying the best solutions for your current career concerns or issues. As a career coach for women I have first-hand experience of having worked in a range a large global organisation and tech firms in leadership roles. I have supported clients both before and during COVID-19 to ensure they have maximised their chances of selection and are putting their best foot forward when applying.

If this is something you could benefit from right now, get in touch to find out more through a free consultation with myself. Services offered are life coaching for women and career coaching for women.

Good luck and keep preserving!