I’m sure you’ll agree when I say this year has been like no other. What started off like any other year has turned out to be a year of complete change and transformation especially when it comes to how we do things.

Back in December I remember sitting in the living room and hearing about COVID-19 on the news. At this time the virus was only in China and with it being so far away, I didn’t think too much of it. Fast forward 7 months and COVID-19 has become the most used word across the world and one that I’ve heard in nearly most of my conversations every day.

We’ve heard of viruses spreading in the past but what has made this one so powerful? Well, unlike other virus the impact of COVID-19 has not just been on health but on so many other aspects of our lives. Through the changes that came with it, it impacted work, employment, our interactions with others, the ability to travel…. but also our mental wellbeing whether we were exposed to the virus or not.

Lockdown was a period that created feelings of loneliness, fear, distress and anxiety across the world… and this includes even the most optimistic of us. Research has showed the mental wellbeing of the entire public was impacted from the elderly, to young children and key workers 1

Whilst we are now in a great place with everything starting to go back to normal, or should I say a ‘new normal’ looking after our mental health is more important than ever, especially as some concerns still remain.

If you find yourself being impacted either from the changes experienced during lockdown or after here are some of the things you can do to support your mental health and wellbeing right now-

  • Practice mindfulness and meditation2
  • Keep your mind active by doing puzzles, reading and getting involved with creative outlets
  • Stay active and healthy. A regular run makes a world of difference, especially if it’s near nature
  • Stay in touch with loved ones through facetime or meeting safely outdoors. By speaking to your support network will provide the boost you need in lifting your mood

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